Thursday, 4 October 2012

Bible Prophesy on Syria and Turkey Today

As the Bible is the book of the true message of the Lord God and the creator and final authority on the rules and ways of this planet as always and forevermore , I thought I would state what His word states regarding the book of the Prophet Amos (Chapter 1:3) concerning Syria and Turkey. The prophecy of Amos may apply today regarding the land of Turkey to subject the peoples of Syria to its leadership, as Syria's present leadership is decimated and Damascus is being reduced to rubble as prophesied by this great work of the old testament. The prophesy of Amos not only says that Damascus shall be reduced to rubble for punishment and as a work of justice before the leadership of the Syrian nation's use of unspeakable torture by the hand of government agency, by the use of threshing, with threshing instruments of iron (as described by Amos in the Holy Bible) of the innocents to their southern territories, but that the Syrian people in general would go under subject rule by another power; hypothetically Turkey in this case. In light of current situations militarily, Turkey might well be the most fitting suitor to claim this place, amongst all potential suitors, to replace those in leadership of Syrians now. Time will tell and the title of governance of peoples rises and falls like the tides of God's sea.

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