Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Twelve Tribes of Israel Revealed (A Hypothesis)

Following is my hypothesis on the identity of all twelve tribes of Israel. I hypothesize that the identity of the twelve tribes of Israel as they exist now, in light of the scripture of God as accounted for in the Holy Bible are as follows. Reuben are the modern day French people's, the tribe of Simeon are the Scottish, the tribe of Levi are the Welsh of today, Judah are the Jewish peoples of today, Zebulun are the peoples of Portugal and Spain, Issachar are the peoples of Germany and the Scandanavian peoples. Dan are a peoples mingled within the populations of northern Europe, Gad are the peoples of the Netherlands, Asher, the modern peoples of Poland, the Ukraine, and the western extreme of Russians in those lands, Naphtali are today's Italians, Joseph, as the father of Ephraim and Manasses comprise the peoples of England and Ireland, respectively. Note:( the people whose origin is of the land of England within the UK and not UK in general is the domain of the Ephriamite tribe.)Finally, the tribe of Benjamin is comprised of the peopled of modern Russia and associated states and people's related to them linguistically, etc. These, I surmise, are the twelve tribes of Israel as described in the book of Genesis 49 and within other various sections within The Holy Bible.