Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Temporarily Imperiled State of Egypt, Its Temporarily Cursed Future, and yet It's Inevitably Blessed Fate; Some Prophecies of God Through the Word of His Prophets

The Lord's Word as revealed in Scripture, with respect to Isaiah 20:3 reveals the following future for Egyptians: The national spirit of Egyptians, that which stayed too close to the gods that are in opposition to the God of Israel and His beloved son Jesus Christ shall soon fall further away from His glorious blessings as they will lose His wise and blessed leadership, sadly, since the failings of it's leaders in Egypt have not set to mind the Egyptians to disregard the blasphemous methods of people who disregard the true God. The redemption of Egypt's people through the rejection of the failing, profane and imperfect theology of the authority of Islam, along with the acceptance of fashionable materialism arising from the West and atheism amongst other trends in moral thinking will continue to suffocate the Egyptian spirit whose goal amongst the righteous is to live in a more perfect society. The many Egyptians who had so much hope in the ways of the Christians whom led them away from Mubbarak and other dictatorial fantasies of false theology and the depraved rule had by such imprudent theology that inspired the law of their land through the theological poverty of Islam, shall sadly find also that their disregard for the hope of better examples of the western spirit and their turning back to the unpleasant ways of ignorance had by anti-Christian Islamic traditions and the errors of those methods that embrace unprofitable superstition shall fail them. By rejecting the more flattering theologies and sentiments of those ideals named "Christianity", but which are not true to Christ's nor God's teaching's they shall be redeemed. The Egyptians must learn to reverence the blessed things amongst the traditions of Christianity, and accept Christ, for then they shall become a people accepted in no lesser status than any other Christians. In Isaiah 19:25, God declares that "Blessed be Egypt my people", which means that the Egyptians who follow the Lord shall be as accepted by Him as any other people whom he cherishes; accepted by the father of Jesus Christ, who is the blessed creator of all of the universe. However, first, the Egyptian river Niles' agriculture shall fail just before Christ's second coming, as the waters about it will dry, as many of the Egyptians disregarded Christ, and have instead favoured Muhammad's failed teachings as other failed, unsound doctrines. The fishing will fail too. Upcoming though, they shall soon see, after a period that has them to recognize the errors of having faith in people's ways and gods that are fashions and not everlasting and perfect, that the Lord and father of Jesus Christ are righteous and worthy of regard. And as promised, they shall embrace God and by His great mercy and love, He shall heal them through both a smiting of their backward national spirit which they both had in the past have been consumed by, and reject their errant ways with the help of the Lord's great love for them. The Egyptians shall be blessed and lead with the Lord as any other of God's redeemed, as clearly mentioned throughout scripture. The Egyptian people shall be beloved, as Judah, and as Israel. The loving God and father of the Messiah shall redeem Egypt, as He has and will redeem all the men and women of the Earth whom fear His holy name.

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